Advisory Board

Mr. Romesh Bhattacharji
Former Drug Czar
Delhi, India

Chief Coroner Vince Cain
Former BC Chief Coroner
and ret. RCMP Chief Superintendent
Vancouver, Canada

Senator Larry Campbell
Senator, Former Mayor of Vancouver & ret. RCMP
Vancouver, Canada

Justice Kenneth Crispin
Ret. Supreme Court Justice
Sydney, Australia

Hon. Libby Davies, MP
Member of Canadian Parliament, Vancouver East
British Columbia, Canada

Mr. Carel Edwards
Former Anti-Drugs Coordinator,
European Union, Brussels, Belgium

Judge Warren W. Eginton
US District Court, Connecticut

General Gustavo de Greiff
Former Attorney General of Colombia

Judge John L. Kane
US District Court, Colorado

Justice C. Ross Lander
Ret. BC Supreme Court Justice
Vancouver, Canada

Justice Ketil Lund
Ret. Supreme Court Justice
Oslo, Norway

Sheriff Bill Masters
Sheriff, San Miguel County

Chief Norm Stamper
Retired Chief, Seattle PD

Eric E. Sterling
Counsel, U.S. House Judiciary Committee, 1979-1989
Washington, DC

Hon. Thomas P. Sullivan
Former U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Illinois

Hon. Robert W. Sweet
Senior Judge of the US District Court
Southern District of New York

Governor Gary E. Johnson
Former Governor of The State of New Mexico

Officer Hans van Duijn
Retired Dutch Police Union President
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Chief Francis Wilkinson
Former Chief Constable
Gwent Police Force
South Wales, UK