Photo Name Summary City State
Sheriff Sue Rahr (Ret.)

Sue Rahr began her law enforcement career in 1979 as a patrol officer in the King County Sheriff’s Office. She served in Precincts Two and Three, where she worked undercover narcotics assignments for 5 years.

Chief Art Howell

Art Howell began his career in the Racine WI Police Department in 1984. He served in a number of roles including gang unit officer, traffic investigator, detective, and public information officer.

Dr. Jim Nolan

  James (Jim) Nolan served in the Wilmington, Delaware police department for 13 years, seven of those years in the drug unit investigating drug conspiracy cases. He was involved in the execution of hundreds of search warrants, often storming through the doors of unsuspecting people on no-knock warrants. During the 19803, he was assigned to […]