Who We Are

The Law Enforcement Action Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit of police, prosecutors, judges, corrections officials, and other law enforcement officials advocating for criminal justice and drug policy reforms that will make our communities safer and more just. Founded by five police officers -- Captain Peter Christ (Ret.), Lieutenant Jack Cole (Ret.), Detective Howard Wooldridge (Ret.), Detective Daniel Solano (Ret.), and Constable John Gayder -- in 2002 with a sole focus on drug policy, today our speakers bureau numbers more than 300 criminal justice professionals advising on police-community relations, incarceration, harm reduction, drug policy, and global issues from a place of unassailable credibility and insight. Through speaking engagements, media appearances, testimony, and support of allied efforts, LEAP reaches audiences across a wide spectrum of affiliations and beliefs, calling for more practical and ethical policies from a public safety perspective.