Volunteer Schedulers: The Law Enforcement Action Partnership's criminal justice experts share our message with the world, reaching millions of people each year through live presentations, media appearances, and online messaging. Our volunteer scheduling team plays a vital role in making this happen. The team is made up of dedicated and reliable volunteers who arrange for our speakers to share their stories about enforcing failed drug laws. This is an excellent opportunity for talented and committed activists looking for a way to make a real change in criminal justice policy. Volunteers are paired up with a law enforcement speaker and are trained to schedule the speaker into civic clubs, universities, and other venues. Team members must be self-motivated, with excellent communication skills, and be comfortable working remotely. They must be able to devote at least 2-3 hours per week to scheduling speakers. If you are interested in applying to join the venue scheduling team, please send a letter of interest and resume to Speakers@LawEnforcementAction.org

Conference Booth Staffers: The Law Enforcement Action Partnership attends conferences throughout the year, and we utilize local volunteers to staff our conference booth. This is a great way to engage one-on-one with people who may not know about the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, and to learn directly from our speakers while working side-by-side with them. To become a conference booth staffer, or find out more, please contact Speakers@LawEnforcementAction.org