Photo Name Summary City State
Det. Kenneth Williams (Ret.)

Det. Kenneth Williams (Ret.) Brockton Police Department Lakeville, Ml Ken’s law enforcement career began in 1995, as one of the first officers hired under the DOJ/COPS Program. He worked the next 15 years in the Brockton Police Department. In 2012 Ken, a qui tam whistleblower, fi led a Civil Action against the City of Brockton […]

Richard Kennedy

Richard Kennedy Retired CIA Directorate of Intelligence Analyst U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Richard “Dick” Kennedy is an economist by trade and spent a 31- year career as an analyst in the Directorate of Intelligence. Dick graduated from Princeton in 1963 and attended Grad school at Rice University in 1969. It was during his time there […]

Lt. Tony Ryan (Ret.)

Lt. Tony Ryan (Ret.) Denver Police Department Sahuarita, AZ In his more than 36 years of service as a Denver police officer, Tony Ryan endured getting stabbed in the hand and in the back, broken bones in the hand and foot, a head wound requiring 18 stitches, and a gunshot wound to the chest. During […]

Special Agent Finn Selander (Ret.)

Special Agent Finn Selander (Ret.) Drug Enforcement Administration Phoenix, AZ The son of a Holocaust survivor, Finn Selander grew up knowing he wanted a career in law enforcement, fighting for truth and justice; the TV shows of his youth inspired him to help society. First working as a police officerfor the Pensacola, Florida Police Department, […]

Former Officer Jay Fleming

Former Officer Jay Fleming Spokane Police Department, Washington Mohave Valley, AZ For 15 years, Jay Fleming fought against the burgeoning drug trade as a police officer in Spokane, Washington. He trained undercover narcotics officers and hired out to other departments across the Northwest, conducting long-term undercover investigations for murder, drugs, and money laundering cases. Fleming […]

Former Detective, Deputy Sheriff Nick Morrow

Former Detective, Deputy Sheriff Nick Morrow Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Seal Beach, CA Nick Morrow served as a deputy sheriff and detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where he worked custody, patrol, narcotics and training assignments. He was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor and provided training to hundreds of law […]

Deputy Chief Stephen Downing (Ret.)

Deputy Chief Stephen Downing (Ret.) Los Angeles Police Department Long Beach, CA Stephen Downing began his 20-year police career in a squad car and finished as a deputy chief of police. As Commander of the Bureau of Special Investigations at one point, the Administrative Narcotics Division was one of the divisions within his scope of […]

Officer Kyle Kazan (Ret.)

Officer Kyle Kazan (Ret.) Torrance Police Department, Los Angeles Long Beach, CA Kyle Kazan gained recognition as an expert in gang and drug identification and eradication during the time spent as an officer in Los Angeles Countys Torrance Police Department. He quickly began to realize the futility of making drug arrests and now advocates for […]

Sgt. Carl Tennenbaum (Ret.)

Sgt. Carl Tennenbaum (Ret.) San Francisco Police Department Sebastopol, CA Carl Tennenbaum became a Field Training Officer (FTO) in 1984, a position that he held during the entire course of his career. As a FTO, he was responsible for teaching police recruits the strategies of safe and successful patrol duties. Carl received extensive state certified […]

Former Special Agent David Long

Former Special Agent David Long US. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General San Francisco, CA David M. Long served for nearly nine years as a special agent with the US. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General, Division of Labor Racketeering, working union corruption and related organized crime cases in Florida. Later, he was […]