Photo Name Summary City State
Major Anthony April

Major Anthony April began his career in the armed forces, serving in the Virginia Army National Guard, California Army National Guard, Alaska Army National Guard, and the Alaska Air National Guard. In 1997, he joined the Alaska State Troopers in Anchorage and rose through the ranks from lieutenant to captain.

Judge Shanta Owens

Judge Shanta Owens began her legal career as a deputy district attorney for the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office in Alabama. In 2008, she was elected to Jefferson County District Court as a judge.

Judge Stephen Wallace

Judge Stephen Wallace began his legal career in private practice where he specialized in criminal, civil, and employment law. In 2010, he was elected to serve as a judge with the Jefferson County Circuit Court in Birmingham, Alabama.

Kenyen Brown, U.S. Attorney (Fmr.)

Kenyen Brown began his career as a Deputy District Attorney in Montgomery, Alabama, and transitioned shortly thereafter to the Southern District of Alabama as an Assistant United States Attorney.

Sgt. Shane Blalock

Sgt. Shane Blalock started his law enforcement career as a patrol officer with the Hamilton Police Department in Alabama. He later transferred to the Florence Police Department where his duties have included supervising dive team operations and the Crisis Negotiation Unit.

Chief Lawrence Battiste

Chief Lawrence Battiste began his law enforcement career as a narcotics investigator with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department in Alabama. He was subsequently assigned to the Child Advocacy Center and simultaneously served as an investigator and department head of the Major Crimes Unit.

Chief Ernest Finley

Chief Ernest Finley began his law enforcement career in 1986 as an officer with the Atlanta Police Department in Georgia. His initial duties included neighborhood policing, investigating sex crimes, and working with the Red Dog Drug Unit.

Judge Ronald Reinstein

Judge Ronald Reinstein began his legal career in 1974 as the Deputy Attorney for Maricopa County. In 1985, he was appointed to the bench of the Arizona Superior Court.

Judge John Leonardo (Ret.)

Judge John Leonardo began his career as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County, Maryland in 1972. He also served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana and the District of Arizona from 1973 until 1992.

Chief Chris Magnus

Chris Magnus began his career in 1979 as a dispatcher with the City of Lansing, Michigan. He later became a deputy sheriff with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department before transitioning to the Lansing Police Department, where he eventually rose to Captain of Administrative Services.