Dedicated to our departed colleagues who courageously spoke out
about the failed policy of drug prohibition,
and its devastating impact on society and the criminal justice system.

old badge dedication_burned
Police Chief Joseph McNamara (Ret.)
San Jose, CA Police Department Chief Joseph McNamara (Ret.)
Police Officer John Perry
New York Police Department Officer John Perry
Detective Sergeant Ralph Salerno (Ret.)
New York Police Department Detective Sergeant Ralph Salerno (Ret.)
Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Eleanor Schockett (Ret.) Judge Eleanor Schockett (Ret.)
of American drug policy the more proud I am to be British and European.”
Eddie Ellison
London Metropolitan Police Det. Chief Superintendent Eddie Ellison (Ret.)
Judge Jerry Paradis (Ret.), Provincial Court of British Columbia, Canada Judge Jerry Paradis (Ret.)
Police Chief Bob Owens (Ret.)
San Fernando, CA Police Department Chief Bob Owens (Ret.)
New Jersey Superior Court Judge Martin Haines (Ret.) Judge Martin Haines (Ret.)
U.S. Senior District Court Judge Whitman Knapp (Ret.) Judge Whitman Knapp (Ret.)
Police Officer Gil Puder (Fmr.)
Vancouver Police Department Officer Gil Puder (Fmr.)
Officer Danny Maynard (Fmr.)
Yolo County, CA Sheriff's Office and Sacramento Port Police Department Officer Danny Maynard (Fmr.)
ethan simon Assistant District Attorney Ethan Simon (Fmr.)
new badge dedication_burned