The Law Enforcement Action Partnership's 1st Anniversary

Dear Supporters,

Today marks the first anniversary of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition's evolution into The Law Enforcement Action Partnership. We're celebrating our latest cohort of representatives and their dedication to improving public safety by sharing some of their greatest accomplishments of 2017.

Expanding LEAP's scope has allowed speakers to address a wider range of criminal justice, policing, and drug policy issues while still representing the organization's goals. The dozens of topics we now discuss fall into five categories: Police-Community Relations, Incarceration, Drug Policy, Harm Reduction, and Global Issues.

In the last year, 40 new law enforcement experts have joined the speakers bureau, meaning more than 180 speakers are now sharing LEAP's message with millions of Americans through legislative testimonies, presentations, and media interviews each year. New speakers include high ranking corrections officials, sitting police chiefs, judges with decades of experience, and former U.S. Attorneys. Across the country, speakers have supported - and continue to support - the efforts of more than 50 allied organizations working on bail reform, police reform, police-worn body camera programs, sentencing reform, justice reinvestment, alternatives to incarceration, federal marijuana legalization, opening supervised consumption spaces, and de-militarizing the police, to name a few.

"The Law Enforcement Action Partnership facilitates the discussion of a variety of issues which are important to me," said Chief Mark Spawn (Ret.), a new LEAP speaker and 24 year police veteran. "Many things have changed in the criminal justice system during my career. Being part of LEAP allows me to share my ideas and experiences with others who are interested – and sometimes surprised – by a forward-thinking law enforcement perspective on contemporary criminal justice concerns."

Below are just a few of our best op-eds from 2017, and our 2018 press kit can be found here.

Happy Birthday, LEAP!

All the best,
The LEAP Team

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Targeted community alternatives to prison help law enforcement, public safety, health, by Deputy Sheriff Carlis McDerment (Fmr.) - Ohio

Time for a code of transparency in policing, by Maj. Neill Franklin (Ret.) - Maryland

Body cameras protect police officers, by Sheriff James Manfre (Ret.), Florida

Don't back the Back the Blue Act, by Maj. Neill Franklin (Ret.)

Abbott can help officers while also ending debtors' prisons, by Judge John Delaney and Ed Spillane - Texas

Criminal justice reform was good for Texas and Georgia, it will be good for Louisiana, too, by Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Jake Lilly (Fmr.) - Louisiana

Fighting crime with support services instead of prisons, by Deputy Sheriff Paul Steigleder (Ret.) - Oregon

Kentucky should follow new path for justice system and ease prison crowding, by Assistant U.S. Attorney David Grise (Fmr.), Kentucky

Services, not prison, the answer to getting at root causes of addiction problem, by Terry Blevins, former sergeant and terrorism liaison officer - Arizona