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Fmr. Assistant District Attorney Allison Watson
Knoxville, TN

"“We have law enforcement, judges, prosecutors standing up and speaking out; we have doctors sponsoring medical marijuana bills and government officials engaging in civil disobedience…. what else do we need to tell us it is time to end prohibition?"

allison watson
Fmr. U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart
New Albany, OH

"Prosecutors play a key role in addressing racial disparities, we are the ones who have the discretion to determine whether charges will be brought, what charges those will be and what sentences we will ask for, so prosecutors should be leaders in terms of addressing racial disparity and setting the tone."

carter stewart

Sir Robert Peel founded modern policing in 1829 by establishing the London Metropolitan Police Force. Peel's commissioners developed the Peelian Principles, a set of ideals that defined the ethical requirements police officers must abide by in order to do their job effectively.


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