Patrick Nightingale, Prosecutor (Fmr.)

Patrick Nightingale is a former prosecutor and practicing criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Patrick spent six years with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office and was one of the founding members of the Domestic Violence Unit.    

Michael Cindrich, Deputy District Attorney (Fmr.)

Michael Cindrich is a former Deputy District Attorney with the County of San Diego District Attorney’s Office. During his time as a DDA, he was lead counsel on both misdemeanor and felony cases. Cindrich prosecuted a wide range of cases including: D.U.I., assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, child endangerment, drug sales, and […]

Detective David Doddridge (Ret.)

Detective David Doddridge (Ret.)began his law enforcement career in 1973 as an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department in California. He attained the position of detective and is an expert in police procedure, crisis intervention, narcotics investigations, no-knock raids, juvenile crimes, and sex crimes.  

Federal Corrections Officer Regina Hufnagel (Fmr.)

Regina Hufnagel joined the Army Military Police Corps as a reservist in 1996 when she was a senior in high school. She was assigned to the 94th Military Police Co, currently out of Londonderry, New Hampshire. She deployed with the 94th to Bosnia in 2000 and honorably discharged in 2004. She then began working for […]

Officer Joseph Lachance (Fmr.)

  Joe Lachance served for ten years as a part-time police officer in Bedford, NH, and as a military police officer for the US. Army Reserves in Manchester, NH. He has also served as a Republican Representative for Hillsborough District 8 in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.  

Judge George Eskin (Ret.)

  Judge George Eskin (Ret.) spent the early part of his career as a prosecutor for Ventura County, California. He was later the Chief Assistant City Attorney for Los Angeles from 1976 until 1981 and a Superior Court Judge for the County of Santa Barbara from 2003 to 2013.  

Patrol Supervisor Stephen Bradley (Fmr.)

  Stephen Bradley is a former police officer and patrol sergeant for a sheriff’s office in the Atlanta metro area. Stephen worked as a general patrol officer and a field training officer where he was tasked with patrolling higher crime areas. He would eventually go on to be awarded the Sheriff’s Medal of Valor.    

James Anthony, Prosecutor (Fmr.)

James Anthony spent three years as an award-winning Neighborhood Law Corps attorney and zoning prosecutor in Oakland, California. He is a long-time leading lawyer and political strategist in the medical and adult-use marijuana movements. He currently runs a private legal practice in Oakland.

Dr. Jim Nolan

  James (Jim) Nolan served in the Wilmington, Delaware police department for 13 years, seven of those years in the drug unit investigating drug conspiracy cases. He was involved in the execution of hundreds of search warrants, often storming through the doors of unsuspecting people on no-knock warrants. During the 19803, he was assigned to […]

Judge Leonard Frieling (Fmr.)

Denver, COLeonard Frieling is a former municipal court judge for the city of Lafayette, Colorado, and previously sat on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Municipal Judges Association. He is a practicing attorney and served as Chair of the Boulder Criminal Defense Bar for eight years.

Petty Officer Larry Talley (Ret.)

  Larry Talley served in the United States Navy from 1987-2007 as an intelligence specialist and was stationed at Naval Special Warfare Unit Eight in the Republic of Panama from 1991-1998.  Under the Joint lnteragency Task Force, the organization in charge of counterdrug missions, his command was tasked with many different interdiction operations; some included training […]

Officer James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney (Fmr.)

  James Mooney spent more than a decade in Utah State law enforcement and the State Department of Corrections, during which he established a reputation as one of the most successful undercover police officers in Utah. In 1993, he was given the Citizen’s Award of Commendation from the State of Utah, signed by Governor Mike […]

Officer LeRoy Washington (Ret.)

Officer LeRoy Washington (Ret.) LeRoy Washington spent 34 years as a probation officer, including 25 years as a federal officer in Seattle. He began his career with the Riverside County Probation Department in 1972 and was hired as a federal probation officer six years later.  

Officer Wes E. Johnson (Fmr.)

Wes Johnson served four years in the Air Force before going on to a diverse career in law enforcement, juvenile offender casework, alcohol and drug counseling, emergency medicine, and investigative work. At the same time, Johnson continued his education, earning a doctorate in law.  

Lieutenant Fred Martens (Ret.)

Frederick T. Martens is a retired Detective/Lieutenant of the New Jersey State Police, who spent several years in an undercover capacity as well as supervising narcotics investigations. He retired as the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Crime Commission, where he conducted investigations into organized crime and public corruption.

Sgt. Paul Steigleder (Ret.)

  Sgt. Paul Steigleder’s law enforcement career spanned three decades, including 2 years as a police officer in Sitka, Alaska, and 28 years at the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, holding the rank of sergeant and lieutenant. He worked on anti-drug education in schools and oversaw hundreds of drug—related search warrants and small-time drug arrests.

Chief Betty Frizzell (Fmr.)

Betty Jane Frizzell is a retired Chief of Police for the Winfield Police Department in Missouri. She was honored as the Lincoln County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in 2001.

Officer Christine Italiano (Ret.)

  After graduating from the Worcester Police Academy and the Massachusetts Department of Corrections Academy, Christine worked for nearly two decades as a police officer and corrections officer. She spent time as a rape investigator, a D.A.R.E. program officer and an undercover narcotics officer.

Ray Strack, Special Agent (Ret.)

Raymond Strack retired in January 2010 from the Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a Supervisory Criminal Investigator/ Supervisory Special Agent. He began his Federal Law Enforcement career as a Customs Patrol Officer in 1983 in New York City, and spent a majority of his early career as a Customs […]

Deputy Sheriff Jay Fleming (Fmr.)

For 15 years, Jay Fleming fought against the burgeoning drug trade as a police officer in Spokane, Washington. He trained undercover narcotics officers and hired out to other departments across the Northwest, conducting long-term undercover investigations for murder, drugs, and money laundering cases.  

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