Major Mike Hilliard (Ret.)

Michael Hilliard began his 27-year policing career in 1975 as a patrolman in an economically depressed neighborhood in East Baltimore. He later served as an internal affairs Detective. As a Sergeant, he supervised an undercover squad that investigated violent crimes and low-to mid-level drug crimes. As a Lieutenant, he coordinated the department’s youth programs.   […]

Detective Nick Morrow (Fmr.)

  Nick Morrow served as a deputy sheriff and detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where he worked custody, patrol, narcotics and training assignments. He was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor and provided training to hundreds of law enforcement officers.  

Officer James Spadola (Fmr.)

  James Spadola was a Crime Prevention Analysis Officer for a police department in Delaware. During his freshman year of college, he enlisted in the Army Reserve in response to the 9/11 attacks.

City Attorney Pete Holmes

After nearly 25 years of working as a business litigation attorney, Peter Holmes was elected to be the Seattle City Attorney, the only elected city attorney in Washington state. He serves as Seattle’s misdemeanor prosecutor and has supervisory control of all of the city’s litigation.

Sergeant Ted Nelson (Ret.)

  Over his 25-year career with the Michigan State Police, Theodore “Ted” Nelson served as a patrol officer in Detroit, interdicted drugs at airports, and investigated large-scale narcotic conspiracy cases. Ted’s seen everything from small arrests as a uniformed trooper to working with the FBI and US. Customs on a multi-year investigation of international marijuana […]

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