Imagining Justice with the Palos Verdes Democratic Club & Steve Downing

Deputy Chief Steve Downing will address the Palos Verdes Democratic Club on the story of policing and the origins of the tough on crime era and what isn’t working. He will also discuss studies which show the best types of reforms to implement. This event is open to the public and you can register here: […]

PTACC Community, Diversity and Equity Strategy Area Racial Equity Panel with Commissioner Branville Bard

Commissioner Branville Bard of the Cambridge Police Department will be speaking on a panel hosted by the Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative (PTACC) on healing relationships between law enforcement and minority communities. This event is open to the public but requires registration. You can tune in at

Question 1/ Marijuana Legalization with the NJ Democratic State Committee’s Progressive Caucus.

LEAP Speaker Lt. Nick Bucci will be speaking on the need to legalize marijuana in New Jersey alongside NJ Senator Troy Singleton, Associate Social Worker Joann Downey, Charlana McKeithen from NORML, and Dan Ulloa from the Latino Action Network. This event is hosted by the NJ Democratic State Committee’s Progressive Caucus and is open to […]

Law Enforcement, Mental Illness, and These Difficult Times (Virtual Zoom Panel)

LEAP’s Executive Director Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), Deputy Secretary Pete France (Ret.), and Commissioner Branville Bard will be discussing law enforcement response to mental health calls during the time of COVID-19 at the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s (NAMI-MD) 2020 Virtual Conference. This event is open to registered guests. Registration can be found at

Virtual Town Hall with Joshua Luttrell

This event is a virtual town hall discussion on drug policy featuring Jay Fisher. The event is hosted by Joshua Luttrell, candidate for District Attorney of Shawnee County. This event is open to the public and you can view it at Note: LEAP’s and Jay Fisher’s appearance is not an endorsement of Joshua Luttrell […]

Civil Asset Forfeiture Webinar with Ted Nelson

Hosted by Americans for Prosperity South Carolina. This event is open to the public – Zoom Link: Passcode: CAFSeries! Ted Nelson will join Americans for Prosperity and panelists for a 1 hour discussion on civil asset forfeiture. Ted will discuss the Law Enforcement point of view on why Civil Asset Forfeiture is misguided.

Virtual Walk 4 Change Social Justice Panel with Debbie Ramsey

This virtual panel is open to the public. Zoom Call-In Info: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 988 8651 4246 Password: 792498 The panel will begin at 3:30pm. The moderator, Nita Watson, will take 5 minutes to introduce the panel/topic. Each panelist will then have 2 minutes to speak about themselves. The rest of the […]

The Guilty Plea Problem, a Discussion with David Grise

The Guilty Plea Problem is a panel discussion hosted by the KY Innocence Project. This event is open the public. The discussion will focus on the ways in which the KY criminal justice system’s reliance on plea deals perpetuates wrongful convictions. The discussion will be subdivided into four portions: 1) how KY’s low trial rate/heavy […]

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