First News on WWL: Corey Lowe

First News on WWL – New Orleans Radio Topic of discussion – Should marijuana be legalized?

Harm Reduction Conference: Neill Franklin, Chief Tom Synan, and Carter Stewart

This conference is open to the public. Carter Stewart will be speaking on the 1:00pm-2:15pm panel titled “Doubling Down on Punishment: A Knee Jerk Response to Increasing Deaths” Chief Tom Synan and Neill Franklin will be speaking on the 4:00pm-5:15pm panel titled “Law Enforcement to the Rescue?: The Role of Police and Prosecutors in Addressing […]

Portland’s Morning News: Norm Stamper

Portland’s morning news with host Jacob Dean on KXL Portland Radio. This is a recorded interview and may not air at this exact time. Topic of discussion will focus on Oregon’s top two college football teams changing their rules concerning alcohol at the stadiums – Would marijuana be better than alcohol? Would pot make the football fans less […]

Discussing Drug Decriminalization: Cannabis to Opioids with Wendell France

Bioscience Education conference room 151 The event begins at 10:00am with welcome remarks by Veronica Wright and Kirk Knight. There will be a short video screening followed by remarks from Ben Jealous. After Ben Jealous finishes speaking, Kaitlyn Boecker and Anthony White will introduce the panel speakers and each will give a short introduction. Immediately […]

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