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The Law Enforcement Action Partnership advocates for practical, ethical solutions to criminal justice issues including drug policy, mass incarceration, harm reduction, and police militarization from a law enforcement perspective.

Each year, we reach millions through our presentations, media appearances, and online messaging.  Our expert perspective is in demand, as people are seriously considering the impact of current criminal justice issues and their impact on police-community relations. Reform efforts are gaining significant momentum.

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The Law Enforcement Action Partnership’s law enforcement and associate members advocate for a more ethical and practical approach to criminal justice, rooted in public safety.

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The Law Enforcement Action Partnership’s criminal justice experts share our message with the world, reaching millions of people each year through live presentations, media appearances, and online messaging.

Our volunteer scheduling team plays a vital role in making this happen. The team is made up of dedicated and reliable volunteers who arrange for our speakers to share their stories about enforcing failed drug laws. This is an excellent opportunity for talented and committed activists looking for a way to make a real change in criminal justice policy.

For additional information, please visit our volunteer opportunities page, and reach out to us today to learn more about what you can do to help further criminal justice reform.